Come to the south of Catalunya and follow the routes we have prepared for you!

If you are going to spend several days on holiday in the south of Catalunya, we recommend you to do some of the routes that we have prepared. All of them include places either in the mountains, on the beach or near rivers.

Now in summer, when temperatures are high, we recommend you start in the mountains in the morning and take refuge in the shade of the trees to avoid the peak hours of the sun. The beaches and rivers are best visited in the afternoon so you can soak and rest.

  • ROUTE 1: Disconnect outdoors

This first route focuses on the outskirts of Tarragona, specifically around the Reserva Natural Llaberia. The whole area is natural and far from the crowds and large buildings, so disconnection is guaranteed.

The first place on this route is the Santuari de la Mare de Déu de la Roca, located in Mont-roig, a 40-minute drive from the Cap Roig Nature Hotel. There are impressive views and one of the most striking things is to see how the hermitage is integrated into the rock. From there we recommend you go to Parc Samà, a historic garden declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest and a private botanical garden located in Cambrils. If you have brought a packed lunch with you, it is a good place to eat and rest while you enjoy nature. The last point is La Rojala-Platja del Torn, a paradisiacal beach perfect to take a dip.

  • ROUTE 2: Following the río Ebro

The río Ebro is one of the most important rivers in Spain, both in terms of its length and its flow. It rises in Cantabria and flows into the Delta del Ebro, right next to Amposta and L’Ampolla. This route concentrates on the stretch of the river before the mouth and the three sites that make up the route pass through it, so you will be able to see the course of the river in different circumstances.

Castell de Miravet is the first stop on this route. It is at the top of Miravet and is a great example of Templar military architecture in Catalunya. Part of it can be visited and the views of the río Ebro from the castle are spectacular. The next place worth a stop is Lo Llagut Turistic, in Benifallet. The activity consists of a ride in a llagut, a small boat, on the río Ebro that will allow you to see the surroundings at first hand. The last place not to be missed is L’Assut de Xerta, a dam built on the río Ebro whose function is to divert the water into the two channels, the Right and Left. The view of the river is incredible.

  • ROUTE 3: A dream plan

The sites of the third and last route of the article are very close to the Comunidad Valenciana, but are part of Catalunya. Of the three routes, this one is the closest to the Cap Roig Nature Hotel, because the three points that form it are only half an hour’s drive from the Hotel.

The first place is the Catedral de Tortosa, a majestic, recently restored cathedral. It is as imposing on the outside as it is on the inside, as it can be visited, and is Gothic and Baroque in style. The next enclave is the Mirador de la Guardiola, a viewpoint from which you can see the whole municipality of Sant Carles de la Ràpita and even the Delta del Ebro. The last place is also part of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Platja El Garbí. From the Mirador, you can reach it by car or on foot, whichever you prefer, so make the most of the last rays of sunshine and go for a swim!

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