Last weeks of vacation!

Although we would like the summer to last forever, this summer is ending. It is time to say goodbye little by little to the beaches and pools and the beach bars and terraces. However, you will always have photos, videos and vacation memories to remind you of the good times you have had.

As we want you to make the most of these remaining weeks, we advise you to make plans with your partner that routine prevents you from doing, to do new things and, above all, to spend time together. To do this, we have compiled a list of 30 activities for couples before going back to work. The activities are organized by categories so that you can look for what you feel like doing at the moment.

Romantic plans

1.Relax in a Spa

Have a drink at a beach bar or on a terrace.

3.Going out dancing

4.Singing in a karaoke

5.Watching the sunrise

6.Going to a festival or concert

7.Seeing the stars

Collecting experiences

Going to an amusement park

9.Going to a water park

10.Going wine tasting

Visiting a winery

12.Going up in a hot-air balloon

13.Going to a Scape Room

14.Make a last getaway

Cultural moments

15.See an exhibition in a museum

16.See a show in a theater

17.Dining at a special restaurant

18.Watching a movie at an outdoor cinema


Resuming physical exercise

19.Going for a walk in the mountains

20.Horseback riding

21.Doing water sports

22.Racing go-karts




Quality time at home

26.Reading the same book at the same time

27.Organizing the return to work

Cooking a new recipe

29.Creating a vacation photo album

30.Playing cards

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