Last few weeks of vacation!

Although the return to school is getting closer, there are still a few weeks left to enjoy the summer vacations. In fact, this period is perfect for spending quality time with the family before returning to everyone’s routine. For this reason, we have prepared a list of 30 activities with children before going back to school.

The activities we propose are organized by categories because we know that each age is different, so you will find activities of all kinds. In addition, the idea of the list is to do the activities with materials that you already have at home. Finally, we advise you to ask your children what they are most excited about doing with you so that they have the best time possible.

Put on your apron! Let’s get into the kitchen

1.Make ice cream

2.Make cookies

3.Preparing a fruit salad

4.Make smoothies

5.Preparing popcorn and colored popcorn

Crafts: Creativity without limits

6.Create bracelets

7.Drawing a painting

8.Making plasticine figures

9.Planting the seed of a plant

10.Painting a flowerpot

11.Blowing up balloons and decorating them

12.Making figures with origami

13.Playing Chinese shadows

Entertainment activities 

14.Reading a story

15.Doing puzzles

16.Playing board games

17.Listening to music and dancing

18.Playing with your children’s toys

19.Dressing up in clothes you have at home

20.Themed parties with your children’s friends


Technology ON!

21.Watch TV

22.Playing with your children’s consoles

23.Playing educational programs on the computer

24.Doing a photo shoot

25.Doing TikToks

Having fun outside the home

26.Blowing bubbles

27.Making sand castles

28.Playing in a park

29.Going to a beach or swimming pool

30.Preparing a picnic in the countryside

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