Live The Palm Experience!

Raquel and her 6-year-old daughter Ester have spent 5 days at the Eurosalou & Spa Hotel. Discover everything they have done during their stay!

Day 1: Arriving in Salou

This morning we left home early to get to Salou as soon as possible and go straight to the beach, because we had seen that the Levante Beach was near the Eurosalou & Spa Hotel. When we parked, we left the suitcases in the trunk of the car and took the bag with the beach stuff. Ester brought many toys to play in the sand. The water was very calm.

For lunch, I took out of the bag two tuppers with some summer salads that I prepared last night. Ester loves to eat on the beach. After lunch, we took two more baths and then we went to get the car to park closer to the Hotel. We checked in and they gave us our room card. Ester jumped on the bed when we entered the room!

After putting the clothes from the suitcases in the closet, we took a shower and got ready to go to dinner at the Hotel restaurant. We liked all the dishes very much! When we finished dinner, we saw that there was a mini-disco at the Hotel and we danced for a while. Ester had a great time!

Day 2: An unforgettable day

Today we got up very early because we went to spend the day in a very special place. We got dressed super-fast and went down to breakfast at full speed because… we were going to PortAventura!

The amusement park is made up of six different worlds: Mexico, Sésamo Aventura, Polynesia, China, Far West and Mediterrània and in all of them there are rides that Ester has been able to go on. Especially in Sésamo Aventura! We have also seen different shows that have left us with our mouths open, such as Magic Bubble, Destination Dance and Bang Bang West. In addition, Ester has been able to see some of her favorite characters and she did not want to separate from them!

Overall, it was a very exciting day because it was Ester’s first time at the amusement park and she loved it. She has not stopped smiling all day long. However, when we lay down on the bed in the Hotel it did not take us even 5 minutes to fall asleep because we were exhausted.

Day 3: Resting at the Kids Spa

Today when we woke up, we went to have breakfast with more tranquility and we were able to taste all the variety that was in the breakfast. Afterwards, we put on our swimsuits and went down to the hotel spa to enjoy the jacuzzi, water jets, massage waterfalls and much more. We went in during the Spa Kids hours, which is when families with children are allowed to enter. Ester and I were very happy!

When we left the spa, we went to the pool, which is great because it also has a children’s area that covers much less. Ester was so good that he fell asleep in the hammock! Then we went up to the room for a quick shower and went down to the restaurant for lunch.

Once we finished eating, we went up to the room to take a nap with the air conditioning. We were in heaven. Afterwards, we went to order two picnics for tomorrow and met Palmy, the mascot of The Palm Experience Hotels. Ester was very happy! Then we went for a walk through the streets of Salou. Ester and I bought each other the same bracelet to remember our vacations together. Then we went back to the Hotel for dinner and then to sleep.


Day 4: We go hiking

After waking up, we got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. We love to start the day with energy! Then we went up to the room and prepared a backpack with our things because today we were going to a cove.

The cove in question was Cala Font, a beautiful cove that is a 15-minute drive from the Eurosalou & Spa Hotel. It has clear water and the sand is very nice to touch. For lunch, we took out the picnics that the Hotel had prepared for us and after digesting, we continued enjoying the cove. In the afternoon, we have approached the Cabo de Salou, where we have been able to see incredible views and even the lighthouse.

Then we returned to the Hotel for a shower and dinner. Ester wanted us to stay for the mini-disco, so as today was the last night we stayed for a while. Ester danced a lot and made two friends!

Day 5: Last day

Today, as soon as we woke up, we had breakfast. We could not believe it was the last breakfast here! Then we went to the pool for a last swim and went up to the room to take a shower and pack our bags. How quickly these days have gone by!

A little piece of our heart stays in Salou!