Refurbishing THEPALM Palmasol

Now that the Hotel is closed, we are taking the opportunity to update the last remaining areas of the Hotel to be refurbished: the Hotel’s common areas on the main floor.

Do you want to see how the refurbishment will look like? We show you the renders so that you can see the result.

First impression

The entrance, with walls covered in earth coloured marble, together with the new logo of the Hotel THEPALM Palmasol, is the first renovated space that you will find when you arrive at the Hotel.

Once inside, the reception, in green and earth tones, will be waiting to welcome you with an information screen and geometric lattice panels, which will remind you of the exterior facade of the Hotel. In addition, you will see a modern style sofa in the shape of a snail with natural plants inside.

Right next to the reception, you will find a spacious hall with sofas and pouffes to rest, where you can wait for the rest of your companions to leave their luggage in the room. As you will see, the rest of the facilities also share the colonial and fresh atmosphere of the Hotel’s entrance.

Warm restoration

For a drink, we have also refurbished Piano’s Bar, an open-plan area with natural light, where you can find different spaces: high tables for a drink, low tables for a snack and an area with comfortable sofas for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The whole of this restoration area has details in shades of green, earth and sand that evoke peace and tranquillity.

Different spaces for new needs

On the main floor of the Hotel we have incorporated new areas that respond to the current needs of our customers:

A multi-purpose room with natural light, tables and chairs and local information.

A welcoming coworking space where you can work online thanks to our Wi-Fi network.

And modern bathrooms with perfectly lit mirrors.