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ThePalmEXPERIENCEHOTELS offers a customer attention service from 9h to 18h.

We will be at your disposal to solve any doubts that may arise as well as any problem or satisfy any need.

You can contact our customer attention service by writing to:
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We will be delighted to attend to your needs.


What can we offer?

Our knowledge of hotel management, in order to obtain the maximum profits from your establishment, according to its situation, either by integral management or as external advisors.

Integral management

We offer you a global service in which we can deal with all operations while at the same time always respecting the uniqueness of each establishment.

External advice

We can place a line of hotel consultancy at your service, where important specialists in each business area will advise you about anything you need.


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We use both our own and third party cookies in order to improve our services and offer publicity related to your preferences, by analysing your website usage habits. If you continue using this website, we take it that you accept the use of these cookies. You can change the configuration or obtain more information here.


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Technically, cookies are pieces of arbitrary data defined by the web server and sent to the browser. The browser sends them back to the server unmodified, thus reflecting a status (memory of previous events) in the HTTP transactions, which would otherwise be independent from this status.

Without cookies, each request for a web page or component of a web page would be an isolated event, unrelated to the rest of requests of other pages on the same site. But returning a cookie to the web server, the browser provides the server with a means to relate the current page request with previous page. As well as being defined by a web server, the cookie can also be defined by a script in language such as JavaScript, if it is supported and enabled in the web browser.

specifications suggest that browsers should support a minimum number of cookies or a minimum amount of memory to store them. Specifically, a browser is expected to be able to store at least 300 cookies of 4 kilobytes each and at least 20 cookies per server or domain.

The server establishing the cookie can specify a date for deleting it, in which case the cookie will be deleted on that date. A purchasing site could want to help potential clients by reminding them of what they have in their shopping basket, even if they close the browser without making the purchase and return later, so as to avoid needing to look for the products again. In this case, the server would create a cookie with a deletion date, according to the website designer’s wishes. If a deletion date is not established, the cookie be deleted when the user closes the browser. Therefore, defining a deletion date is a way to make the cookie survive between sessions. For this reason, cookies with a deletion date are called persistent.

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The Palm Experience Hotels, its employees, heads of department and Management are aware that it is our responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment and to increase the awareness of personnel and third parties related to our business, so they can help us to achieve our sustainability goals.

We are committed to integrating the most important environmental practices in our company and to continuously explore new ideas to improve our respect for the environment. We consider that a balance can be achieved between giving our clients a satisfactory holiday experience and caring for our surroundings. In fact, we believe that our clients expect no less from us and will welcome our efforts to protect and promote a sustainable future.


  • To reduce our energy (electricity and natural gas) and water consumption by 5% compared with 2014, in line with our global goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20%
  • To work with suppliers that share our commitments to sustainability and choose local suppliers when possible.
  • To increase environmental awareness among personnel and incorporate sustainability into our human resources culture.

Sustainability priorities are:

  • To reduce our impact on the environment by converting waste into resources and taking advantage of our location to produce clean and renewable energy to help us become self-sufficient.
  • To support the local community in their economic and social aspects to maintain jobs and develop a prosperous company that is able to create jobs and offer stability to the local area.

We continually strive to reduce negative effects and improve our environmental performance whenever possible. To further this declaration, The Palm Experience Hotels:

  • Will comply with all regulatory, legislative and other requirements regarding our activity.
  • Will ensure that our actions do not harm the local environment where we are working.
  • Will manage activities and installations in an ethical manner, sensitive to the environment.

These goals will be achieved through the management’s commitment, awareness of employees and the incorporation of these aspects into daily business operations. We will review our performance regularly for continual improvement.


Tourism is an important source of revenue for countries, areas and locations, providing unquestionable benefits such as economic development, cultural exchange and international promotion of a certain location, among others. Tourism is ever more accessible for everyone and a growing number of people have the chance visit more places. However, at the same time as tourism has increased, undesirable phenomena such as sexual exploitation of children and adolescents have also grown. Tourism infrastructures, used to facilitate the accommodation of clients and help them to enjoy good holidays, can also unwarily be be used to promote and carry out sexual activities with minors. In this respect, the tourism sector has great social responsibility to avoid actions harmful for the community and therefore we must act together to avoid child abuse.

Our hotel rejects this type of tourism and we:

1. Maintain a policy in opposition to the commercialisation of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
2. Do not allow commercialisation of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in our installations.
3. Make sure our personnel are aware of the problem: legislation and hazards.
4. Train all our personnel to identify and report suspicious activities.
5. Work in compliance with legislation and collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations that pursue and try to prevent these crimes.


If you suspect these activities are taking place you should immediately contact your superior and provide detailed information of what you have seen and/or heard. Your superior will then decide on the steps to take, which could be:
a) Informing their superior
b) Informing the authorities.

It is only human to protect our children and adolescents against all forms of exploitation, either professional or personal.


The Palm Experience Hotels is committed to reach a balance between sustainability and our activities, offering a vacation service to our clients in keeping with the human resources and the environment.
We strive for sustainable tourism, trying to find a balance between use and the limits of resources, protection of the environment and local culture, protecting local traditions as well as improving social balance in the region where the hotel is operating.
The philosophy of The Palm Experience Hotels is based on the belief that we are all responsible for protecting our future and should respect different cultures and the needs of the local community, as well as promote its economic development and interrelation with the company for mutual benefit.


Quality is very important for our business because it gives value to the service offered to our clients. We strive to offer our guests the services they expect to find and even to exceed their expectations. We are committed to continual improvement and for this purpose we have established procedures to guarantee quality, enabling us to monitor and improve our activities.

We have implemented the following systems and procedures to support our objective of total client satisfaction and continual improvement in all aspects of our business:

a) Constantly monitoring our clients’ opinions and evaluations.
b) Procedure for handling clients’ complaints.
c) Training and development of all our employees.
d) Constant monitoring of opinions, taking improvement actions when identified.
e) Having quantifiable or measurable quality targets, which reflect the level of our standards
f) Facilitating constant repots to management of customer satisfaction evaluations and complaints.

We have quality regulations for each department, quality control systems for analysing critical points and regular external HACCP and customer satisfaction audits. Our internal procedures are regularly reviewed and our quality targets are communicated to all our employees by means of internal notes from Management and team meetings.

Although General Management has the ultimate responsibility for quality, all employees have a responsibility in their own work areas, helping to ensure the success of each stay and each client.

Privacy Policy

This legal text offers details about how we collect and process your personal data when you use our website, including any information you may send to us through the site when contracting a service, registering for our information bulletin or providing your contact data on the form created for this purpose.

When providing the data, you must guarantee that you are over the age of 18.

  1. Data handler.

Data handler contact data: SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL with CIF/NIF B55543995 and company address in PAU CASALS, 1, LOCAL 1, 43840, SALOU and e/mail:

SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL, is responsible for your data. (Hereinafter “us” or “our”).

  1. What data do we collect?

According to article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016/EU (GDPR), personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”), i.e. any information that can enable a person to be identified. This does not include anonymous data.

We can process certain kinds of personal data, which could include:

  • Identity data: Name, surname and username.

  • Contact Details: E-mail or billing address.

  • Financial data: Bank details and other details about purchases made

  • Technical data: Session start data, Internet protocol addresses, browser type and version, configuration and location of time zone, operating system, Browser plug-in types and versions and any other technology used by the device to access the website.

  • Profile data: Username and password, purchases made. Comments and answers to questionnaires.

  • Usage data: Information about how you use our website, products and services.

  • Marketing and communications data: Preferences for receiving marketing from us and preferred communication channel.

We do not collect and data regarding special categories of personal data (those that reveal ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership and information on your health and genetic or biometric data).

If we request personal data required by law or contractual terms and you refuse to supply this data, it may not be possible to implement the contract or supply the service. You should inform us of this beforehand.

  1. How do we collect your personal data?

The means we use to collect personal data are:

  • Through the form on our website, through our contact e-mail addresses, by telephone or the postal service, when you:

    • Request information about our products or services

    • Contract our services or purchase our products

    • Ask for an estimate

    • Subscribe to any of our services or publications

    • Send comments

To ensure the quality of our portal, we reserve the right to reject any registration request or suspend or cancel a previously accepted registration if we consider that you do not comply with these requirements or regulations or any other law or regulation. If this were to happen, we will try to explain the reasons for our decision, but this may not be possible in all cases.

  • Through automated technology or interactions: From our website, we can automatically collect technical data about your equipment, browser actions and usage patterns. This data is collected via cookies or similar technologies. For more information, you can consult our cookies policy here (link)

  • Through third parties:

    • Google: Analytical or search data. Outside the European Union.

    • Social Networks: (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…) outside the European Union.

    • PayPal or any other means of payment: Contact, financial and transaction data with suppliers of technical services, for payment and delivery.

  1. Purpose and legitimacy for using the data.

The most common uses for your personal data are:

  • To formalize a contract with companies collaborating with SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL and you.

  • When you consent to the processing of your data

  • When we need to use the data in compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation

  • When it is necessary for our legitimate interests or those of a third party.

At any time, the User may withdraw consent by sending a mail to or consulting the section on exercise of rights below.

Here you can see a table detailing how we use your personal data and the legitimacy for this, as well as what type of personal data we are going to process. We may have to process some personal data for additional legal reasons, for further details about this; you can send an e-mail to



Type of Data

Legitimacy for processing it

To request information through the contact form

  • Name

  • Surnames

  • Email

Consent of the interested party

To register as a client on the website

  • User:

  • Password

Contract formalization

To manage our relations with you

  • Name

  • Surnames

  • Email

  • Address

  • Telephone

  • Company or


Contract formalization

For commercial communications, supplying relevant content that could be of interest.

  • Name

  • Surnames

  • Email

Consent of the interested party

To administer and protect our business and our website

  • Technical data:

  • Name

  • Surnames

  • Email

Legitimate interest

To supply you with the service or product

  • Name

  • Surnames

  • Management

  • DNI (ID card No.)

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Bank information

Contract formalization


Commercial communications: You will only receive communications if

  • You requested information or ordered a product or service from us.

  • If you provided your data, accepting by clicking on the corresponding box in our form.

  • If you have not expressed your will to stop receiving these communications.

  • If you filled in the form created for this purpose on our website.

We will obtain your express consent before sending you any communication and you may request that we stop sending you communications at any time by sending an email to

If you decide not to receive our communications, your personal data will continue to be stored as a result of our business relationship and legal requirements.

Purpose: We will only use your data for the purposes for which it was collected, unless we consider it reasonable to use it for other purposes, notifying you in advance to inform you of the legal reason for processing the data and as long as the purpose is compatible with the original intention.

Storage time: The time the data will be stored varies according to the services the client has made use of, as short a time as is necessary. It can be stored for:

  • 6 years in compliance with article 30 of the Code of Commerce (accounting books, bills…)

  • 5 years according to article 1964 of the Civil Code (personal actions without a special deadline)

  • 12 months according to article 5 of Law 25/2007, on the storage of electronic communication data and public communications networks.

  • 4 years: Law 5/2002, on Social Infractions and Sanctions (obligations regarding affiliation, new incorporations, cancellations, payment of salaries). Article 66 and subsequent. General Taxation Law (Accounts books…)

Subscribers’ data obtained via e-mail or form : From the moment the user subscribes until they cancel the subscription.

User data uploaded by SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL to their Social Networks or website pages: From the moment the user gives consent until it is withdrawn.

  1. Your Data Protection Rights

How can you exercise your rights? Users can contact the company address of SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL or use the e-mail address, including in either case a copy of your D.N.I or other similar ID document, to exercise the following rights:

  • Accessing your personal data: You can ask SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL if they are using your personal data.

  • You can request correction of data, if erroneous, or exercise your right to be forgotten regarding this data.

  • When requesting limitation of processing, SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL will only store the data necessary for the exercise of and defence from complaints.

  • To oppose processing: SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL will stop processing the data as you request, except if, for legitimate reasons or for the exercise of defence from possible complaints, we must continue processing said data.

  • To portability of data: If you want your data to be processed by another firm, SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL will facilitate the portability of your data to the new data handler.

You can use the forms made available by the Spanish Data Protection Agency to exercise the aforementioned rights here

Complaints directed to the AEPD: If you think that there is a problem with how SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL is processing your data, you can file a complaint before the corresponding control authority, in Spain this is: Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

We may have to ask you for specific information to confirm your identity and guarantee your right to access your personal data (or exercise any of the other aforementioned rights). This is a security measure to guarantee that the personal data is not disclosed to unauthorised people.

All requests will be resolved within the legally established period of one month. Nevertheless, it may take longer than a month if your request is particularly complex or a series of actions have already been carried out. In this case you will be notified and kept updated.

  1. Transfer of personal data

In our work, we may have to transfer your data to third parties:

  • Service providers that offer systems administration and IT services.

  • Professional consultants, including lawyers, auditors and insurers, banking, legal and accounting consultants.

  • Companies collaborating with SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL

You will be notified in advance in case of any of these transfers and we inform you that we will require all those that process your data to respect the security of your personal data and handle it according to GDPR. We will only allow these third parties to process your data for specific purposes and following our instructions.

  1. Data security

We have implemented adequate security measures to avoid your data being accidentally lost, used, modified, disclosed or accessed by unauthorised people. Moreover, we limit access to your personal data to employees, agents, contractors and other third parties that commercially need to know the data in question. Your personal data will only be processed according to our instructions and will be subject to confidentiality.

We have implemented procedures to deal with any suspicion of breach of your personal data and both you and the Control Authority will be informed if this were to happen, as regulated in the GDPR in articles 33 and 34: breach of security.

  1. International transfers

Countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) do not always provide the same levels of protection for your personal data; therefore, European legislation forbids transfers of personal date outside the EEA unless the transfer complies with certain requirements.

Some of our external service suppliers are outside the European Economic Area (EEA), therefore the processing of your personal data will imply transfer of data outside the EEA.

  • Social Networks: SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL uses social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, all based in the USA.

  • Email: The electronic mail service of SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL is supplied using the services of GLOBAL.

  • Stored and encrypted. SPAIN TOURISTIK INVESTMENTS SL uses the following external supplier for storing your personal data: CITRIX and PRESTIGE.

  • Payment services. To enable the client to pay through REDSYS, sending the data strictly necessary to the payment processor for issuing the corresponding payment request.

For more information regarding the specific mechanism we use to transfer data outside the EEA, you can contact us by writing to the following address:

About us

The Palm Experience is a hotel group that also offers comprehensive management and external consultants.

Avail of our extensive knowledge of hospitality management in order to maximize your establishment in accordance with its location, either in terms of overall management or as external consultants.

We offer a comprehensive service to take care of all of the operational requirements while safeguarding the unique identity of each establishment at all times.

We offer you a hotel consultaon line, with important specialists in each area of business to advise you on what you need.

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