Torremolinos – Place of Interest


The Pimentel Tower

This is the main emblem of Torremolinos, also known as Torre de los Molinos [Mills Tower], hence the name of the town, built during the14th century.

This 12-metre high tower was constructed from earth bricks, and was composed of two floors with a watch-out window that looks out to the sea to protect the people. A staircase leading from the old Molino del Rosario allows entry to the tower. Today, it is totally demolished inside with detrimental cracks on its facade.


La Casa de los Navajas

The Casa de los Navajas has been declared a building of historic interest, a mansion that belonged to Antonio Navajas, a businessman who specialised in the cultivation of sugar cane, built in the nineteenth century on a cliff overlooking the Bajondillo beach.

It was built in neo-Arab style and its interior decoration was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada. This is a work of art that you cannot miss.


The Neighbourhood of El Calvario and La Carihuela

The neighbourhood of el Calvario represents the colourful Andalusian local flair in Torremolinos, while the district of La Carihuela is the Shangri-la of fried fish. La Carihuela was an old fishing neighbourhood and a view of its streets allows you to discover the deep-rooted Spanish culture.

La Carihuela’s restaurants, bars and beach bars are authentic temples of traditional and typical Mediterranean culinary art. The sardine skewers prepared in the open air as well as the tasty fried fish are the main gastronomic specialities that Torremolinos is known for. In the neighbourhood of el Calvario, located very close to the town hall, you will find the Church of the Risen Christ which was built in 1981, a splendid work from the last century that is worth a visit. And in the neighborhood of La Carihuela, you will find the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, where you can breathe in a Mediterranean air, and where you will see two large anchors and the panel of tiles that represent the Virgin Mary at its entrance.

The church of San Miguel de Arcángel [St. Michael the Archangel] is also worth a visit, a neoclassical-style temple that is located in the plaza San Miguel. The Ermita de San Miguel is located in the Pinar de los Manantiales another small temple hosting a popular pilgrimage in its surrounds every day during the month of September, coinciding with the patron saint festivals of St. Michael, with a large influx of faithful followers of up to hundred thousand people.


The Springs- Molino De Inca Botanic Garden

Discover this area of great natural wealth in the birthplace of the springs of Torremolinos. The garden has been expanded around the 15th century flour mill, home to hundreds of plant species and four vantage points for watching the fantastic scenery.

The Molino de Inca Botanical Garden is integrated into the Recreational and Sport Vila of Torremolinos. Also composing part of this complex are the Prince of Asturias Auditorium, the Bullring, the Palacio San Miguel, the athletics track, several football pitches, a sports stadium and two swimming pools.


La Batería Park

Situated in Montemar and traversed by a network of trails, this is the ideal place to enjoy a stroll through the trails and to enjoy the 74,000 m2 park. The park takes its name from the old coastal defence system, composed of three artillery sites with cannons, 2 underground bunkers and a command post. You can enjoy the playground, different monuments, fountains, a lake and a lookout tower.



This is the largest water park on the Costa del Sol, with fourteen fun attractions (slides of many shapes and heights, a water playground and so much more) and a mini-golf, will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable day in the park.


Crocodiles Park

A place to allow you to get to know these extraordinary prehistoric carnivorous animals that have miraculously managed to survive after 200 million years of evolution, who knew the dinosaurs and that employ the same cold and relentless hunting techniques. Standing less than two metres away, you can see huge crocodiles of various species from around the world and discover their secrets. Spend an excitement-filled day.